Saturday, August 22, 2009

One of my favorite bloggers, Brooke from Velvet & Linen answered the questions of House Beautiful's Color Personality Color Quiz. Since I still can't get my scanner to work, I thought I'd do the same.

1. What's the first color you see in the morning?
The red and white toile print that's on the windows and duvet cover.

2. What color are your eyes?
Hazel--mix of light brown and olive green.

3. What color do you wear the most?
Black. Blue if you include jeans.

4. What color do you never wear?
Yellow. It makes me look like the "before" picture on a tooth-whitening ad.

5. What color do you wear when you want to feel sexy?
I feel sexy when I'm naked, so I guess that means I wear something flesh-colored, accessorized by cellulite. And an orgasm.

6. What color gets you the most compliments?
Pale celadon green. A friend of mine came up to me at a party once when I was wearing a pale celery green dress and ordered me never to wear any other color.

7. What color is your lipstick?
Revlon: a my-lips-but-better shade called Smoky Rose.

8. What color was your living room growing up?
I grew up in a big Queen Anne house with a wrap-around screened porch. The porch made the living room dark, but my mother went for cozy and did the walls in dark green seagrass "paper." Woodwork was pale Wedgwood green. The floor was a mostly dark red antique Oriental rug. I can't remember the curtains ... I think they were gold. Furniture was a mixture of antiques and repro upholstered pieces. Brass fireplace accesories. Old racing prints in antique gold frames.

Jesus, it sounds like a funeral parlor.

9. What color was your bedroom growing up?
I loved my bedroom! The wallpaper was sprigs of violets, like the old Henri Bendel shopping bags. The floor was carpeted in the dark green of the leaves, and the woodwork and some of the painted furniture were painted pale lavender.

10. What color are your sheets?
White trimmed with little red embroidered circles from Pottery Barn. I love how crisp they feel.

I don't like that monogram, though.

11. What color was your favorite crayon as a child?
I can't remember which one I loved, but I remember hating, loathing, and despising "Burnt Sienna."

12. What color is your car? One is a pale green VW passat, and the other is a greige Toyota Sienna. (Not Burnt.)

13. What color was your prom dress?
I went to a very, very small all-girl school, and we didn't have a prom. Really. I'm not a couldn't-get-a-date-to-the-prom loser. We also didn't have driver's ed.

14. What is your favorite gemstone?
Emeralds, rubies, amethysts. And diamonds, because diamonds are just so wearable. They go with everything. Like pearls! Only flashier.

15. What's your favorite flower?
Roses. If I had my choice, I'd get rid of most of the trees in my yard, rip up the lawn, and just grow roses. Old-fashioned, hybrid tea, climbing, miniatures--I love them all.

16. What color makes you happy?
Pale pink. I love it in roses, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, clothes, towels, dishes, men's button-down shirts ... it always looks good.

17. What color depresses you?
Avocado green and harvest gold both remind me of the worst excesses of the 1970s. They're the polyester pantsuit of colors. Want proof?

Living room, part twa.

That last one is the "Before" picture of a house I actually own. So I know what I'm talking about when I say Harvest Gold is horrible.

18. What color calms you?
Tiffany blue. Especially when it's a box with a present inside.

19. What color makes your teeth grind?
Other than Harvest Gold? Bright tomato red. I love red, but orangey reds are horrible.

20. What color would you like to try but are afraid to?
Celery green all over the downstairs of my house. I love it, but it would be too obvious that I'm just trying to flatter my complexion and take 10 years off my face.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Greetings from Merrye Olde Englande

Just so you know, I'm in the land of mellow Cotswold stone, Tudor half-timbering, and the Georgian originals that Americans have been copying for the last 250 years.

But that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about modern style.

Today I found the greatest book--Living Retro by Andrew Weaving. I really wanted it, but my suitcase is already overweight, so I wasn't going to buy Yet Another Oversized Book About Decorating.

Instead, I whipped out the iPhone and took pictures of the cover and a couple of layouts. Check it out.

Living Retro

I love the symmetry, the colors, the statement accessories ... love the contrast between big, splashy Hollywood Regency accessories and the big oversize stone fireplace and slanted ranch-y roof.

sample layout from Living Retro

On the left, I love the combination of the fireplace with the chairs, and the green walls on the right are wonderful.

another sample layout from Living retro

Retro without that telltale thrift shop aroma. I'm ordering Living Retro from Amazon when I get home.